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personal finance
for millennials

I'm David Shepherd, creator of Let's Automate Your Life. I teach millennials how to manage their money and build wealth.

Learn modern personal finance strategies for our generation. Learn what they didn't teach you in school.

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Everything you need to know about modern personal finance is right here. All designed for you, the modern millennial. No old school methods and BS. All actionable step-by-step guides to help you automate your money.

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It all starts here. If you are new to personal finance. Follow this guide and you'll be on the right track in no time!

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Ready to create a simple budget? Maybe you're ready to create an awesome automated budget. You'll learn how here.

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Buried in horrible, horrible debt? I'm going to help you get out. These guides will get you on the track to be debt free.

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SAVING and Investing guides

Want to get started with investing? These step by step guides will get you started. Learn all about automated investing here.

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side hustle guides

Earn some extra money on the side with these side hustle guides. Pick a side hustle and begin testing your idea with these guides.

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Great, modern, personal finance for millennials. No old school methods your parents used. Learn what they didn't teach you in school.